Automated and Manual Inspection

Axel CNC supports automated inspection devices such as CNC Contact and Video CMMs as well as portable inspections devices including manual CMMs.

Multi Probe support

Axel supports hybrid measuring instruments working with contact touch trigger and scanning probes, vision probes and scanning probes.

Integrated Measuring Platform

Axel software follows the same measuring process for both portable measuring devices as well as CNC CMM metrology.

Hardware connectivity

Interface with portable probing devices and point cloud scanning devices. Operates major brands of manual and automatic coordinate measuring machines both contact and video.

CAD interfacing

Interfaces to various CAD formats are provided. They include DXF, IGES, CATIA v4, v5, v6, ProE/Creo Parametric 3D, STEP, VDA. UG NX, SOLIDWORKS, SolidEdge.

Intelligent Constructions

Construction results are automatically found based on the types of its features. For example there is only one intersection which can be applied to any types of features.

Surface Inspection

Surface characteristics of a free standing part are inspected by applying surface point and edge point program features.

Alignment methods

Construct your alignment from features, surface points, or edge points. Best fit measured surfaces to its nominal CAD models. Optimise it using weights and axial constraints.

Statistical Process Control

Assess the repeatability and predictability of your manufacturing processes with multipiece statistics automatically calculated for object dimensions and surface deviations.

Support for portable and CMM metrology